First Full Set (2hrs)  $210

Touch Up (60 mins)  $70

Pumped Up Touch Up (90 mins)  $90

Non-Client Touch Up (90 mins)  $100

Returning Full Set – Please Contact for Pricing

LashLift (40mins) $75 (add a tint $110)


Customized Colored Lashes (designed to enhance eye color) $20+

Sparkle Lashes – (4+ per eye) $15+

Lash Tint  $20

Brow Tint  $20

Lash Intervention & Rehab (2.5 hrs+) $250+ (includes removal and full set)

If you have had a bad lash experience recently, Lash Bar. can get your lashes back in order. We take the time to carefully remove any lashes previously applied and get you the lashes you deserved in the first place.


Brow Shaping  $25

Brow Maintenance   $12

Lip  $10

Chin  $10

Nose  $5


Customized Facial (60 mins) $65

Ultimate Facial (90 mins- includes extractions and massage) $90

Extractions $10


We use Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts, an amazing line that is trusted and effective. 

Glycolic (all skin types) (masque included) $80

Blue Enzyme Peel (all skin types) (masque included) $80

Lactic (all skin types-especially dry) $80

Salicylic (acneic,oily) $85


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